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Police Beat

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

Pickups reported stolen

ATTICA TWP. — A South Force Road resident told deputies Aug. 5 that thieves made off with his Chevrolet Silverado long box pickup and there was a Ford Ranger pickup in the ditch with a broken axle just down the road. Deputies spoke with the owner of the Ford at his Sweet Clover Lane residence and he said it was stolen as well. Deputies later found the Chevrolet abandoned on Oak Lane.

Plow stolen from yard

ATTICA TWP. — An Attica Road resident told deputies Aug. 5 thieves took a plow from his property. He said twice in recent weeks he’s seen a truck and several people with flashlights on his property at night.

Suspicious sounds

IMLAY TWP. — A woman told deputies Aug. 5 that she found two sets of little girls shoes next to the splash pad at the Imlay Township Park on Fairgrounds Road. She said she could her sounds coming from the building next to the splash pad, but her husband thought it was the pump. Deputies found the building locked.

Suicide attempt

ELBA TWP. — A woman told deputies Aug. 5 that her son stabbed himself several times in the chest. The man was taken to McLaren Lapeer Region for treatment.

Open door reported

NORTH BRANCH — Deputies found a door to a second-floor apartment at Blackburn Chapel- Martin Funeral Home open. Deputies said they found nothing out of the ordinary.

Domestic incident

BURNSIDE TWP. — A Burnside Road Youth told deputies Aug. 5 that their 18-year-old sister, mom and stepfather were fighting. Alcohol was involved. No arrests were made.

Concerned for safety

ELBA TWP. — A passerby told deputies Aug. 5 a woman dressed in black was pushing a black stroller down eastbound Davison Road at 9:11 p.m. Deputies found no one.

Truck/deer collision

ATTICA TWP. — The driver of a Ford F-150 pickup told deputies Aug. 5 they hit a deer on North Lake Pleasant Road and it needed to be put down. Deputies said the animal was deceased.

Gunfire complaint stems from propane cannon

GOODLAND TWP. — A North Van Dyke Road resident told deputies Aug. 4 that they heard what sounded like gunfire to the northeast. The said it’s been an ongoing problem for weeks. Deputies found it was a farmer’s propane cannon used to scare deer out of crop fields.

Teen claims she was raped weeks ago

LAPEER — Emergency room staff at McLaren Lapeer Region told deputies Aug. 4 that a drunken 17-year-old girl told them she’d been raped at a party a couple of weeks ago. The girl’s mother told deputies she wanted to speak with her daughter after she sobered up before deciding what to do.

Suicidal teen taken to hospital for observation

OREGON TWP. — A family told deputies Aug. 4 that their 17-yearold son was threatening to break things and harm himself. Deputies said after the youth told him all he needed to do was drown himself in the nearby river, they took him to McLaren Lapeer Region for evaluation.

Light investigation

BURLINGTON TWP. — A passerby told deputies Aug. 4 that there was a bright light in the Burlington Cemetery on Peck Road and they thought it might be the fugitive from the Imlay City hit and run incident.

Drunken woman transported to Clio

NORTH BRANCH — The staff at the North Branch Bar and Grill told deputies Aug. 4 that there was a 45-year-old drunken woman who was passing out on the toilet, dancing by herself and falling asleep on the table. They said they wanted her to leave, but were afraid if she left by herself, she’d end up hurt. Deputies ended up

taking the woman to Clio.

Home alarm tripped

IMLAY TWP. — An alarm company told deputies Aug. 4 that a door sensor had tripped at a Country Kate Lane home. The homeowner said they thought the dog tripped the alarm. The alarm company canceled before deputies arrived.

Larceny from vehicle

ELBA TWP. — A Genesee Road woman told deputies Aug. 4 that she went to pick her husband up from work and when she returned someone had cleaned out her unlocked car.

Yard fire extinguished

ELBA TOWNSHIP — Deputies assisted firefighters with traffic control on Gray Road Aug. 4 while they put out a yard fire.

Confused woman

LAPEER — A couple told deputies Aug. 4 they found an elderly woman out of gas on Imlay City Road near Lake Pleasant Road and gave her a ride to the Walmart gas station. The said the woman seem confused and disoriented. Deputies found the woman’s family was in Mt. Morris. The family came for her.

Missing man found

COLUMBIAVILLE — A man told deputies Aug. 4 that when his 77-year-old father failed to show up for a family reunion in Fostoria, he went to his Fifth Street home, but the neither the man nor his car were there. Michigan State Police reported the man had been in a traffic accident in Saginaw and was being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital for minor injuries.

Domestic violence

ATTICA TWP. — Deputies arrested a 54-year-old Imlay City Road man Aug. 4 for domestic violence after his family said he drank a fifth of Jägermeister and then went after everyone. Deputies took him to McLaren Lapeer Region for treatment of three head wounds from falling several times. The man’s wife told deputies he had to leave — for the hospital or jail. The man was taken to McLaren Lapeer Region for treatment and then to the Lapeer County Jail.

Control your dog

HADLEY TWP. — A mail carrier told deputies Aug. 4 that a Golden Retriever at a Mitchell Bend home tries to attack him every time he comes with the mail. Lapeer County Animal Control was notified.

Fireworks complaint

OREGON TWP. — A North Elba Road resident told deputies Aug. 4 that someone was setting off fireworks toward Julie Drive. Deputies heard nothing when they arrived.

Disturbing the peace

COLUMBIAVILLE — A Lapeer Street resident told deputies Aug. 4 that someone was revving their engine and taking off at high speed near where Lapeer Street becomes Peters Street. Deputies found no one.

Street fight reported

LAPEER — A man told deputies Aug. 3 that he was in a fight with two other men near Fat Boy’s Bar and Grill on East Nepessing Street. He said the fight was over, but the men kept trying to approach him. Deputies took the man to a Saginaw Street residence.

Threats made

ELBA TWP. — A Lippincott Road

man told deputies Aug. 3 that his brother told him he’s coming to the house to take want he wants. The man said it’s a dispute over the estate of their mother, who died a month ago. The man told deputies he thinks his brother is a threat and if he comes in the house, he’ll shoot him.

Crash on South Cedar

IMLAY CITY — The drivers of a 2009 Dodge Journey and a car told deputies Aug. 3 that they collided in the left-turn lane on South Cedar Street in front of the Dairy Queen. No injuries were reported.

Alarm tripped, by accident

ATTICA TWP. — An alarm company told deputies Aug. 3 that a panic alarm tripped at a South Lake Pleasant Road home. The homeowner told deputies it was a mistake.

Quad stopped

ATTICA TWP. — Deputies stopped a red quad with two occupants on North Summers Road Aug. The machine was left on the side of the road for the owner to pick up.

Drunken driver arrested

MAYFIELD TWP. — Deputies arrested a motorist for drunken driving Aug. 2 following a traffic stop on North Lapeer Road.

Too drunk to walk

MAYFIELD TWP. — A motorist told deputies Aug. 2 that they almost ran over a man’s head on Farnsworth Road. They said the man was lying on the edge of the road. The man got up and started walking. The motorist, a taxi driver, said the man was very drunk and told them he was walking from Fat Boy’s Bar and Grill to a house on Sherwood Lane and wanted a ride.

Garage fire put out

OREGON TWP. — A Millville Road man told deputies Aug. 3 that his car was on fire in his garage. He told deputies he was going to try and get it out of the garage. Lapeer Fire &

Rescue was dispatched to the fire.

Car/deer collisions

MAYFIELD TWP. — The driver of a Camaro told deputies Aug. 2 that they hit a deer and it ran off. They said no one was injured and the car was drivable.

• A motorist on North Van Dyke Road in Goodland Township told deputies Aug. 2 that they hit a deer. They said their car was not driveable.

Accidental alarm trip

IMLAY TWP. — An alarm company told deputies Aug. 2 that a motion sensor in the lobby at Gateway Assembly tripped. A volunteer accidently tripped the alarm during an event.

Phone harassment

ELBA TWP. — A Davison Road family told deputies Aug. 2 that their daughter was being harassed by a former classmate. Deputies spoke to the girl and the suspect and told them to have

no more contact.

Rear-end crash

GOODLAND TWP. — A motorist told deputies Aug. 2 that they looked down for their sunglasses and when they looked up, a car had stopped to turn left on Armstrong Road. They said they didn’t stop soon enough.

Loose horse retrieved

ELBA TWP. — A passerby on Baldwin Road told deputies Aug. 2 that a small horse was in the middle of the road walking north. Deputies said the owner retrieved the animal.

Father-son trouble

DEERFIELD TWP. — Deputies arrested a 65-year-old Scott Road man and his 33-year-old son for domestic violence Aug. 2 following an incident at the older man’s home. Deputies found the younger man walking down Scott Road, wearing a backpack, with blood on his face, hands, shirt and pants.

Deputies said the younger man smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking six beers. The younger man reportedly told deputies that he’d gotten in an argument with his father over money and there had been an altercation. The younger man was returned to his father’s house, where his mother told deputies that she tried to separate the two men and was pushed into a bench. The father was allowed to seek medical treatment and the son was taken to the Lapeer County Jail. Deputies said they would be seeking warrants for both men.

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