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‘Win-win for everyone’

During the summer months we buy as much produce as possible from local farmers at the Lapeer farmers market. I like knowing where the food comes from and that’s it’s not coated in bad pesticides, and we also like to support local farmers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Delores Wagner


Healthy eating is important

I’d like to answer your question (Tell us what you think in Sunday, Aug. 5 edition). Healthy eating is very important in my household. We buy as much as we can from the local markets rather than the grocery store, because you never where it comes from and what chemicals the farmers sprayed on them.

Christina Hessel

Metamora Township

There’s still poverty

The unemployment may be 4.8

percent, but that doesn’t mean everybody in Lapeer County is on Easy Street. Most jobs pay between $9.50 and $14 per hour, which are poverty wages and there’s no way to live on that. The numbers are misleading, because there is still hurt and poverty in Lapeer County.

Joel Vitale Imlay City

Shamed from Lapeer

They should put the picture of the jerk who put chemicals on a slide that burnt the skin of children in Lapeer on the front page of The County Press. This person should be shamed from Lapeer.

Joanne Sparrow

Mayfield Township

‘Evil is among us’

My God, what’s wrong with people? We’ve got some idiot putting chemicals on a slide in Lapeer, and then the guy in Imlay City who kills a man on a motorcycle. Evil is among us. Last week showed its face in Lapeer County.

Grant Moorehouse

Almont Township

No excuse not to vote

I hope people voted Tuesday. There’s no excuses. There’s always time. If you didn’t vote, you’re lazy and deserve what you get.

Angie DeMaggie

Lapeer Township

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