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Give blood and save a life

I have given blood since I was 24, and I will continue to give blood as long as my body allows me to. My son needed a lot of blood during surgery last fall, and it felt good to know that because of other donors he survived his terrible ordeal. Give blood and save a life.

Frank Bartel

Mussey Township

Lucky to be alive

I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for blood donors. They don’t call it the “Gift of Life” for nothing. My doctors at Henry Ford told me if there wouldn’t have been enough of my blood type they couldn’t have done the surgery that save my life.

Jeff Granger

Mayfield Township

Blood donation saved mother

I appreciated the paper’s editorial about the importance of giving blood (Sunday, Jan. 7 edition). Three months ago my mother had to have two emergency blood donations after she was hospitalized.

She has a rare blood type, and the doctors said if it weren’t for blood donors she could have died because the Red Cross center in Detroit happened to have just enough for what the hospital needed. I never thought much about blood donations, but I know now they save lives.

Thank you.

Renee Harris

Dryden Township

Minimum wage too low

Is the minimum wage enough?

Heck no. It should be at least $12 per hour, but even at that it’s still a poverty age. People need a livable wage, and $9.25 (new Michigan minimum wage) is still far from enough.

Linda Balinger Attica Township

‘Good news’ in milder temps

You want some good news? It was 37 degrees today (Monday). I think that’s really good news considering what we’ve been dealing with. And it’s supposed to be in the 40s on Thursday. More good news!

Anita Harding

Hadley Township

Plowing for a veteran

I have some good news to share with you. A nice man plowed my driveway for free just because he knows I’m a veteran. “We have to help one another,” is what he told my wife. Thank you brother.

Matthew Ross


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