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Thrilled for new chief •

Flower theft disappointing • Happy Father’s Day

Happy for new police chief

We’re so thrilled for Lt. Dave Frisch to become the next Lapeer police chief. It couldn’t have happened to a better man. He’s a gentleman who’s very proud of his community, and we’re glad to have him.

We wish him well in the new job.

Emma, Jack Bouchard

Mayfield Township

‘One of the good guys’

Mr. Frisch has always been professional with my staff and entire organization, and Lapeer is lucky to have a man like him as the new police chief. He’s one of the good guys.

Susanna Moore

Oregon Township

‘A special place in hell’

Twice this spring already someone has stolen flowers from a family gravesite at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lapeer. What kind of low-life, scumbag goes around stealing flowers from cemeteries.

I hope there’s a special place in hell for people that do this sort of thing.

Michelle Rivard

Mayfield Township

Irked by theft of flowers from cemetery

To the person who stole my husband’s red geranium in the West Deerfield Cemetery I hope you’re real pleased with that. I’m very disappointed that there are people that would steal flowers from a cemetery.

Karen Wood

Deerfield Township

Happy Father’s Day

From one daughter who loves her father, I wish all other dads out there a special weekend and I hope their children and families remember them.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. You’re the best.

Sydney Buckner

Imlay City

Fits the ‘redneck’ stereotype

I was nearly run over Tuesday in North Branch by an idiot in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck with a Confederate flag sticker on the back bumper, and my 2-year-old daughter was right next to me in the shopping cart. If I hadn’t jumped, the jerk would’ve hit us both. The guy never even slowed down.

You, sir, fit the stereotype of the stupid, careless rednecks that are common to Lapeer County.

Baley Burkhart

Arcadia Township

Tired of hot heads

How are roads supposed to be fixed if they can’t close them to do the work? As a retired road worker I get real tired of the people who complain all the time, and to the hot heads who make it bad for everyone else because of their aggressive driving in construction zones.

Bryce Hogan

Almont Township

Liberals are the problem

The blame game is on it appears. People blame Republicans for pro-gun legislation, but look what happened (Wednesday) in Virginia. The shooter hated Trump and was a big Bernie Sanders supporter. Say no more, I think you get the idea. Liberals are the ones with the problem, not us!

Nathan Thomas

Metamora Township

Bad guys outnumbered

The shooting in Virginia proves the point why it’s important for people to be armed all the time. You never know where trouble is going to strike. If more people have guns crime will go down, because the bad guys will know they’re outnumbered.

Will Laing


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