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Marriage Licenses

LAPEER COUNTY — Marriage licenses as of Sept. 26:

• Michael Allen Saad of Dryden and Cheryl Lynn Wieg of Dryden

• Matthew Paul Wagner of Clinton Township and Alicia Mary White of North Branch

• Michael James Zielesch Jr. of Lapeer and Abbigail Louise Walton of Lapeer

• Matthew Joseph McFadden of Lapeer and Abbie Lynn McKeage of Lapeer

• Andrew Karl Hilgendorf of Brown City and Katy Leigh Turner of Brown City

• Ricky Don Earp of Lapeer and Susan LeAnn Sutherby of Lapeer

• Matthew Alan Rushlow of Silverwood and Erica Crystal Bellamy of Fostoria

• Jeffrey Scott Pattison of Lapeer and Bonnie Marie Hargraves of Waterford

• Robert Earl Caudill of Imlay City and Julie Ann O’Brien of Imlay City

• Mark William Kitchenmaster of Attica and Deborah Ann Stokes of Attica

• Dustin Charles Nagle of Lapeer and Scherie Irene LaLonde of Lapeer

• Chad Stephen Gregory of North Branch and Amy Marie McNary of Peck

• Scott Michael Curtiss of Lapeer and Nicole Lynn Stiles of Lapeer

• Tyson Andrew Miller of Lapeer and Danelle Marie Ream of Lapeer

• Daniel Joseph Deskins of Almont and Amy Lynn Lupek of Almont

• David Michael Nagy of Attica and Rosemary D’Amico of Attica

• Matthew Ronald Clark of Columbiaville and Lorri Ann Maitland of Columbiaville

• Neil Douglas Muxlow of Lapeer and Sarah Anna Greenman of Lapeer

• Derek Martin Lamer of Attica and Kelsey Lynn Armstrong of Attica

• Dustin Stewart Rundell of North Branch and Alissa Ann Young of North Branch

• Stephen William Estrada of Otter Lake and Jan Marie Villa of Otter Lake

• David William Whitehead of Lapeer and Rhonda Reed Nagy of Lapeer

• Jason James Thompson of Metamora and Delta Shanida Cameau of Metamora

• Teddy Joseph Lautner of Lapeer and Sherry Lee Hannon of Lapeer

• Rolando Francisco De La Rosa of Lapeer and Trisha Vicki Romero of Lapeer

• Thomas William Greene of Lapeer and Veronica Lynn Roberts of Lapeer

• Jason Matthew Taylor of Imlay City and Angela Marie Ferrara of Lapeer

• John Benjamin Rice III of Attica and Angela Lorraine Baldwin of Attica

• Jeffrey Alan Miller of Imlay City and Denise Marie Jackman of Imlay City

Marriage licenses as of Sept. 19:

• Bernard Paul Pucher of Lapeer and Nancy Eileen Gregg of Lapeer

• Jeffrey Michael Williams of Lake Orion and Whitney Michelle Clubine of Metamora

• Paul Milton Miller of Lapeer and Emily Lauren Cook of Lapeer

• Jacob Keith Sutherby of Imlay City and Bethany Lynn Jackman of Imlay City

• Joseph Russell Munson of Metamora and Rachel Marie Miller of Metamora

• Todd Wayne Lambrix of Lapeer and Lisa Samone Jarvis of Lapeer

• Joseph John Bator of Imlay City and Morgan Mae Makedonsky of Imlay City

• Joseph James Becker of North Branch and Amber Lynn Griswold of North Branch

• Ricky James Ridley of Otisville and Amber Jean Trombley of Lapeer

• Eric Thomas Sandusky of Lapeer and Amanda Rose Jones of Lapeer

• Joshua Adam Spencer of North Branch and Samantha Nichole Degler of North Branch

• Clint James Dobson of Lapeer and Dawn Marie Hagen of Lapeer

• Matthew Ray Romine of Attica and Lauren Marie Brown of Troy

• Terry Wesley Palmer of Columbiaville and Mercia Carolina Solis of Columbiaville

• Ryan Anthony Taylor of Almont and Danielle Suzanne Vernot of Almont

• Mathew Weston Gwyn of Lapeer and Dawn Elizabeth Strahan of Lapeer

• Matthew Timothy Proffitt of Clio and Christina Lynn Deim of Lapeer

• Charles Todd Burley of Lapeer and Laurie Anne Horn of Lapeer

• Seth Alexander Smith of Lapeer and Kristin Keely Schrag of Lapeer

• Michael Dean Hewitt of Lapeer and Jessica Lynn Leopard of Lapeer

• Zachariah Lloyd Winslow of Lapeer and Crystal Lynn Jones of Lapeer

• Chad Wesley Tumblin of Mayville and Whitney Cathleen Crateur of Mayville

• Aaron Edward Lumsden of Dryden and Danielle Elizabeth Smith of Capac

• Richard Lee Roach II of Columbiaville and Jenifer Rose Kibbe of Columbiaville

• Timothy Jay Yarch of Columbiaville and Lisa Marie Nagy of Columbiaville

• Ryan Justin VanDenburg of East China and Heather Carol DiFranco of Imlay City

• Jonathan Wayne Bond of Lapeer and Sabrina Renee Howey of Lapeer

• Matthew David Saint of Attica and Rachel Lucille Strong of Attica

• Brian Andrew Garman of Lapeer and Tiffany Lynn Robertson of Lapeer

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