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The following is a note from Jacob Hunsanger, community editor.

new Facebook Page was created last week by myself, Jacob Hunsanger, in the hopes of connecting with more readers throughout Lapeer County. In just a few short days, that page has already seen well over 100 “Likes,” and I look forward to seeing that number continue to grow.

The Facebook page is simply called Jacob Hunsanger, but anyone looking for it should note that it is a Page, which is different from a personal account. Users will be asked to “Like” the page as opposed to adding as a friend.

The idea behind the new Facebook page is simple: connect with all of you, the readers. After you click to “Like” the page, you will be able to see additional content and photos that did not make their way into the newspaper, photo- graphs from around the county, and teasers for upcoming articles in both The County Press and the Lapeer Area View.

Reach us on Facebook and tell us your Valentine story. Reach us on Facebook and tell us your Valentine story. Also, the Facebook page will allow you to connect directly with me to suggest future stories, give tips on breaking news, and discuss what you think of articles in our newspapers.

If enough people “Like” the page and get connected, we will be able to use the page for new and exciting ways to enhance our content. For example, if there is a bad storm in the county, readers can post where they have seen damage or downed trees. If there is a heavy snowfall, we may use the Facebook page to seek out photos of snowmen or other activities.

There will also be questions and surveys asked to the community on the new Facebook page as well. Anyone who clicks to “Like” the page will be able to give input on the questions and surveys.

One item that will soon be posted on the Facebook page is request seeking Valentine’s Day stories for The

County Press and Lapeer

Area View. Do you know of a loving couple who have married for decades? Or are you planning on proposing to the love of your life on

Valentine’s Day? If you

“Like” the page, you will be able to tell me and possibly get that story featured in one of our newspapers.

I encourage everybody in Lapeer County, both individuals and businesses or organizations, to find the new Jacob Hunsanger Facebook Page and “Like” it to get connected.

If everyone takes this step together with me, we can start a whole new chapter in our local storytelling, allowing all of us at The County Press and Lapeer Area View to find all those amazing stories and people right here in Lapeer County and get them in print for everyone to see.

Again, please note that it is a Page, not a personal account, so make sure you are clicking the right page. It will ask you to “Like” the page, not add as a friend. Simply log into your Facebook account and type “Jacob Hunsanger” in the search bar. Under “Pages” the Jacob Hunsanger page will be listed. Click on that page to open it up and press the “Like” button. It’s as easy as that to get connected.

Then don’t hesitate to leave a comment, suggest a story or tell me what you thought of the stories you have seen in our newspapers.

Thank you for taking the time to “Like” the Jacob Hunsanger Facebook Page and getting connected in this new, exciting way. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you online.

— Jacob Hunsanger

Community Editor

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